Quality Lenses

Current lens technology enables us to offer thinner, lighter lenses at affordable prices. We also provide specialist lenses to ease the strain of viewing digital devises for long periods and protecting you from blue light and specialist night driving lenses to reduce the glare from oncoming headlights.

Single Vision Lenses

Single Vision lenses are manufactured with a single prescription in them. For short sighted (myopic) people they will enable you to see in the distance and typically the lens of the eye is able to adjust to see close up.

For long sighted people, lenses can help with headaches and the feelings of fatigue after a long days work, where the eyes can feel strained. This can be due to the muscles in the eyes overcompensating to help keep images clear.

For those who have problems with reading, or seeing a computer screen, single vision lenses will solve this problem, however they can lead to objects in the far distance being blurred.

For this whose eyes become strained from hours on computers and other digital devices, we also offer enhanced single vision lenses, which have a slight addition towards the bottom. This eases the strain of concentrating on a bright screen, often with small print. We can also supply lenses with a blue light filter, which is thought to reduce the aging of your eyes, which is caused by blue light emitted by the sun and some digital devices.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses are an alternative to varifocals, but don’t offer the same degree of versatility. They work by having a prescription for reading in the bottom of the lens and the distance prescription in the top of the lens.

With a distinct line between the reading and distance portions of the lens they can provide excellent vision for these distances but are cosmetically not as attractive as varifocals and people often comment that there is an intermediate distance which is not clear through the glasses.

Sports & Lifestyle Eyewear

Many people are unaware that the modern advances in opthalmic frames and lenses now allow you to enjoy your hobbies and activities with full optical correction with the use of wrap “8 base” ophthalmic lenses. Polycarboate safety frames and lenses now allow impact resistance for your favorite ball sports and even full optical correction for swimming and diving. Why not pop in and ask about your favorite sports.

Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal lenses are also known as Progressive lenses as they change prescription gradually from long distance in the top through an intermediate power to a reading power at the bottom. Unlike the bifocal there is no line separating the prescriptions so they are cosmetically more attractive, and are now the most popular choice.

Originally designed over 40 years ago, new design and manufacturing techniques mean that modern varifocals can be manufactured in a bespoke fashion. They take into account what you want out of the lens, your facial characteristics and attributes of the frame to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality in varifocal lens design.

Night Driving Lenses

Many people suffer from the glare of oncoming headlights in the evening and night, there are now several brands of lenses specifically designed to reduce the glare. Some are specifically made for driving and others are designed for general use.

Our Optician and dispenser will be able to determine which would be most suitable for you, dependent on your driving requirements and your age, as headlight glare becomes more troublesome as we get older.

Anti Reflection Coatings

Anti-reflection lenses decrease reflections making them look better. They produce less glare, which is particularly noticeable when driving at night or working in front of a computer monitor.

The decreased glare means that wearers often find their eyes are less tired, particularly at the end of the day. Allowing more light to pass through the lens also increases contrast and therefore increases visual acuity.

Sunglass Lenses

Sunglass tinted lenses come in an array of different forms including a solid tint which will lock out a certain percentage of all light from passing through the lens. Polarised lenses which will not only block out 75% of all light but also blocks over 97% of reflected light (virtually eliminating reflected glare).

We also offer transitions lenses that change with the conditions you are facing in your day. Going dark when you go out in the sun, and reverting back to clear when you go back indoors. The new generation Transitions Xtractive also work in the car with up to a 50% tint.


Our lenses price guide is as follows:


Standard CR39 = Included in the frame price
1.6 Index (25% Thinner) = from £45.00
1.67 Index (45% Thinner) = from £75.00
1.74 Index (65% Thinner) = from £195.00

Transitions Light Reactive = from £50.00
Polarised Lenses = from £50.00


Standard Bifocals = from £40.00
1.6 Index Bifocals = from £140.00
1.67 Index Bifocals = from £140.00

Transitions Light Reactive = from £140.00
Polarised Lenses = from £140.00


Standard Varifocals = from £75.00
1.6 Index Varifocals = from £165.00
1.67 Index Varifocals = from £215.00

Transitions Light Reactive = from £180.00
Polarised Lenses = from £155.00


Standard Anti Scratch = from £10.00
Standard Anti Reflection = from £35.00
Crizal Easy = from £50
Crizal Alize = from £75.00
Crizal Forte = from £105.00
Crizal Prevencia = from £115.00
Optifog UV = from £125.00


Standard Tint = from £10.00
Graduated Tint = from £20.00
Polarised Lenses = from £50.00
Transitions Lenses = from £50.00

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