Tinnitus can be defined as a sound or sounds that can be heard which are not from an external source. This can be the sound of whistling, ringing or even like tyre pressure releasing. Tinnitus is subjective and diverse to each individual.

The diversity of Tinnitus can range from:
* Pitch – Low, high or multiple tones
* Consistency – Continuous, intermittent, trigger based
*Pulsatile – Sound of your heartbeat or pulse
*Onset – Sudden or gradual
* Sounds – single, multiple or fluctuating

At Comlete Eyecare and Hearing Care, we understand that Tinnitus can be bothersome and provide a barrier to your lifestyle. Here, we provides a range of innovative Tinnitus treatments to assess your needs and find the best therapy for you.

Our specialist audiologist can provide an assessment and devise a suitable treatment plan for your Tinnitus, Hearing loss and Hyperacusis, using evidence based therapies that are showing positive results to Tinnitus Rehabilitation

Tinnitus is investigated during our comprehesive diagnostics apointments. Call us to book in today.

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